Wow London has been hit again.

OK, when a hotel offers FREE laundry service, I am truly in love!

Today’s random shower thoughts

1. Emergent behavior is a term we use to refer to our perception of interactions between complex systems. When interactions become too complicated for us to readily understand, we call them emergent behavior

2. Consciousness is a very complex outcome of the interaction between various systems in the brain and body

3. Ergo, consciousness is an emergent behavior, which in itself is no more than a human perception. For example: a superintelligent alien might comprehend the full workings of our brains as easily as we comprehend the workings of a bicycle, and conclude that we are not conscious.

The food delivery promos/discounting in BKK are getting a little out of hand. I’m not complaining but Foodpanda sent me two codes for 30% off my order because they “missed” me. I used one, the order showed up 10 minutes late, so they sent me a code for free delivery. I think I got some discount code from UberEATS too. These guys must be wallowing in a trough of VC. Again not complaining but I would wait until they burn through their runway before trying to compete with them. Lol