Human-centric design in modern times

Just like accessing my camera or my contacts, interrupting my day with sound, light and vibration is a privilege for which you must first request my permission. The platforms you built your app on didn’t get this right, many app vendors took every liberty they could to get spam in our faces, and now people are wary of it, which is why the brand equity of the worst offenders (like Facebook) is tanking. Now if you’ve bought as many friends in government as Comcast or Google, maybe you don’t care if your brand is hated–in which case, spam away.
But for the rest of us, there is this concept called permission based marketing which is now 20 years old. It’s the idea that customers are like friends and you treat their time and attention with respect. Do the right thing. Ask before you spam me (or allow someone else to spam me, for instance a messaging app assuming that every single person in a contact list should be able to call, beep, buzz and post at me). If you do this customers will reward you with more loyalty, more referrals, and more lifetime value.
Millions of people yearn for a time when they were less distracted and less distressed. Research has tied the modern appconomy directly to the loss of control they’ve experienced over their time and attention. This is an opportunity for smart companies to take the high road and win loyalty.
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